Today Is Worth Rejoicing Over

When I was younger I had the opportunity to go to a catholic school… In chicago those were the best schools one could go to in the neighboorhood, magnet schools too… Anyway if anyone has been to cathilolic school they understand that the ArchDiocese  doesn’t care if yor believe in Raa, or the jello god…. You will attend mass (I think it was once a month, and then especially during the lent/easter season)… no offense to the Vatican or Catholics… I don’t agree with some procedures but I’m not knocking it…. but Mass is really boring…. and I remeber being sleepy, and my knees hurting from having to kneel on that little box and pray… That little knee box (for lack of a better term) should be considered a mild form of torture!!

Back to mass… aside from it being dull, I did like it when we sang This is the day… coincidentally that song /scripture was on our egg cartons… I would sing that song all day long…

(for those not familiar these are the words) 

This is the Day

This is the Day

that the lord hath made

I will rejoice

and be glad in it

…..Its kinda like a call and response and you just keep repeating it….that is actually a scripture (psalms 118:24)… but I didn’t know that when I was little… sometimes I catch my self singing it to myself even now… not so much as a pick me-up but as something that was planted deep in me that I can’t shake…. not that I want to….

Today happens to be sunday… and I thought that today was certainly worth rejoicing over… somebody did not awke up today… somebody woke up and is not here still… its easy to rejoice like this… the weather was ok…. we got where we needed to be safely… nobody robbed us… we didn’t run our stickings… its very easy to rejoice in times of happiness… but happiness is a fleeting emotion and is contingent on our envioroment… Joy is a state of being… It is a verb (to have joy), and Adjective (to be joyful)…..

Someone I kind of grew up with just experienced a horrifying loss, and I wonder how I could be happy in the midst of a sad time… its not possible… happy is the opposite of sad and therefore the two cannot co-exist… just like light and dark… bitter and sweet… etc… so happiness I could never have… but if at some point I could not tap in to the joy that I have… I would be hopeless… hopelessness is the parallel to despair… and God says that we would get hurt but we would never be in despair as long as we didn’t loose focus on him…

So I am learning that my emotions are futile…and cannot be trusted as a steering device, or a rudder…. they can only be used to guide what my position is at the time in relation to a certain situation and that is always subject to change or revision… at least it should be if we are growing… and that being thankful and using the joy that I have will get me in the right positon to move foward in my purpose!


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