Starting A Business is hard work

Once again I am up at 2am… I was working on a project for a client (most days if I’m up I get a second wind at about 11pm)… I have been dreaming about starting this buisiness forever (since I was 15, oh so long ago!)… But now the hard part is here… getting past that initial fear and apprehension that one gets when doing something new, or at least something with no training wheels… and I actually have to do whatever it takes (well, legally) to get to my goal… this means talking to people I don’t know, so I can get things that I need to advance, learning more, honing my skills and learning to manage my money!! gee so much to do! But I guess when you dream big you gotta talk and walk big to get it…

So to anyone in the same boat… to anyone that dreams big… be blessed!


About genesiawilliams

I must apologize if this isn't exciting... though this may seem odd my decision to enter the blogging world, was less for an audience and more for me as an exercise in discipline, which i clearly lack if you see the frequency of the posts, but still it is weird because I am airing my thoughts on the biggest communication tool since the pony express, but if you like what you read feel free to comment and/or share... if not thank you for taking the time out of your life to check me out.... I'm pretty laid back, and I'm open for comments....

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