Guess What

I have spent so long trying to get over south… now it doesn’t matter so much, in the same way it did… but we finally moved to south minneapolis… and this is the first ohuse I have ever lived in in my life… my mom and dad grew up in a house, but my and my brother have never lived in a house… the only sad part is I don’t plan to be here very long cause I’m trying to get my own!! So I can really say I’m grown…


About genesiawilliams

I must apologize if this isn't exciting... though this may seem odd my decision to enter the blogging world, was less for an audience and more for me as an exercise in discipline, which i clearly lack if you see the frequency of the posts, but still it is weird because I am airing my thoughts on the biggest communication tool since the pony express, but if you like what you read feel free to comment and/or share... if not thank you for taking the time out of your life to check me out.... I'm pretty laid back, and I'm open for comments....

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