C*ack in my pocket.

(This is my quick swim as a surrealist bear with me)


Here’s  A Poem I wrote In 3rd Grade.

When I grow up

I wish to be

A world famous ce-leb-ri-ty

I want to fly in planes

I want to sit courtside at Bulls Games

I want to go as far as I can

As far as any other




or man.


 After years of searching my skill-set, my inner-man, my drive, I realized I lack one simple thing to solidify my burgeoning celebrity status. For all the Celeb-trainees listen up.  What I lacked was Crack in my pocket. Alas all the living in the hood didn’t pay off. I don’t know where to get it. In the world of dealers and fiends I am but an orphan to sobriety. But one day I too will get a friend that can expand my goody-two-shoes borders and take me to the corner of Funkytown and Mugshot Drive, to begin my ascension. As long as their color matches the substance we seek. Because as I recall, NICOLE RITCHIE, pregnant and all got sentenced to 4 months of jail time, though they did punk out and let her go after 82 minutes. Meanwhile Talan, Lindsay, and the ever evasive Robert Downey JR. (WHO DID A LINE OF COKE IN A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE) were free to roam this vast fantasy land.They were free to beam telephone poles with their beamers. They were found in possession of crack/cocaine and all they got war rehab. Nicole did time while Lindsay was planning her next attack on the social world.


Please don’t misunderstand how people recreate is their own business, but come on America. I know people that have gotten felonies for standing NEXT TO the Dope Boy. If my little brother even thinks about holding a crack rock, if he stands by one in the street, if a kilo falls from the sky and knocks him in his head, he is done. He could kill our mother and get less time! Because of his brown face, and class status he would be eligible for a lifetime supply of 3 hots, and all the salad he could take (even at his tender age).




Drugs are bad. Selling them is wrong. Buying them is pitiful. But that is the world chosen for us to live in.


The war on drugs is not about killing crops in places where we pay(ed) the locals to grow them (destroying economies and reducing healthy births). It is not targeting musical forms and denouncing them as conduits of iniquity (rock, hip-hop). It is not, felonizing crimes just for the sake of pigeonholing the main groups (that get caught) committing them and thus forcing their hand back to the path of entrapment. It is lessening the throw-a-way mentality of sentencing and bringing them to a true place of rehabilitation for everyone. Making it Life altering in all aspects, in all sections of life.


It is zero tolerance for ALL offenders.

It is better education for the masses.

Better Jobs. Clean streets. Clear roads. Better neighborhoods.

It is getting our foot of the neck of the poor.

It is sacrifice (even to the point of a mild form of socialist behavior).

It is objectiveness.

It is re-training how we see each other.  


About genesiawilliams

I must apologize if this isn't exciting... though this may seem odd my decision to enter the blogging world, was less for an audience and more for me as an exercise in discipline, which i clearly lack if you see the frequency of the posts, but still it is weird because I am airing my thoughts on the biggest communication tool since the pony express, but if you like what you read feel free to comment and/or share... if not thank you for taking the time out of your life to check me out.... I'm pretty laid back, and I'm open for comments....

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