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Ok, Part 2 of the Notebook blog Series…. We will be current soon, but I wrote it so I gotta get it out…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Here’s today’s topic. People (Madonna) adopting babies that don’t look like them (babies of color). Madonna and Guy Ritchie went to Malawi, and adopted (stole) a little African baby named David. This gotcha here is, allegedly, while on their stay the couple stayed at a fairly nice hotel fully equipped with inside plumbing, beds, pillows, staff, and get this—RUNNING WATER. Only the best. Unfortunately for the villagers they got little David from the same glorious amenities could not be enjoyed. I don’t know the quality of their stay, but I’ve been without running water and it is something I did not like. It was not fun.Now to be sure, if one has never had running water it can be assumed that one wouldn’t fully appreciate the convenience and sanitary value of water clashing in the commode. But It can also be noted, that it doesn’t take long to become fond of that process. There are probably some ethical issues to be considered when a foreigner is attempting to secure a child of their own in unknown land especially if they are worth a few hundred million. It is possible that this is a win-lose for the good hearted everywhere. If they had given money to the village, it could be said they were bribing them. Ok. The Ritchie’s wanted to ‘give a child a better life’ but how can the squalor of his village be overlooked?

The People of Malawi may be nice, and intellegent, and progressive, I won’t be the one to doubt it, but if the village has no running water they are IMPOVERISHED. SOMETHING IS LACKING, SOMEWHERE. And no amount of niceties in any economic system will remedy that.

At least Ambassador Jolie brings tiding of great joy, christmas in july, and free samples of americana when she treks across the world to pick up children.  


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