Pedophiles are funny.

This has been an R. Kelly week and I was all set to go to the concert this Thursday but as the Trib has reported it is cancelled. Here is the posting as it ran.


R. Kelly and Keyshia Cole-CANCELLED

Still awaiting trial on child-porn charges from 2002, R&B superstar R. Kelly has taken to the road with a predictably R-rated, soft-core show, which reportedly runs more than two hours. A consistent hitmaker (as an artist and producer of others) for 17 years, he will celebrate sex, seducing with “Bump and Grind,” “Ignition,” strippers, fireworks, his sweet voice and entertaining antics. Opening are J. Holiday, the high-voiced crooner who has taken “Bed” to the top of the R&B charts, and Keyshia Cole, best known for last year’s “Let It Go,” which just earned her a Grammy nomination. Jon Bream

Price: $49 – $79

Target Center

600 1st Av. N. Minneapolis, MN

Occurrences: 7:00 pm, Dec 20, Thu.


Here’s what’s funny. If you look at the wording it is the most disjointed back-handed compliment I have ever seen. The Chicago (South Side is the best side) in me started to get offended for everyone’s guilty pleasure.

Before you object R. Kelly as ridiculous as he can be you like, or have liked one of his songs whether it was in the PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT days, or I Believe I Can Fly. So admit it and move on.

I mean the Star Trib does not get the award for balanced reporting this year. That posting was slightly rude and a little condescending. But then I thought about it…

1. Nobody told Sparkle’s niece’s mom to not know where she was that night.

2. Nobody told that little girl (who by the way is grown now) to get peed on. He didn’t manipulate her, you don’t get peed on unless you want to. Toddlers know what pee is an the will duck it they see it coming.

3. Nobody told Aaliyah to marry him and lie about her age.

4. Nobody told R. Kelly to like little girls.

5. Nobody told America (Chicago) to keep supporting dude and excusing him like he was that nasty uncle at the family reunion.

There are thousands of more things I can say. But one must admit only in America can alleged children touch-ers make so much good entertainment. (Yes Micheal Jackson too).

The way people cover their antics is most hilarious.

And for the record Pedophilia is wrong, horrible.


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