New (pretty much the same) Miss America got Crowned.

bilde.jpgOK so, TLC really desperately tried to re-vamp Miss America, with Miss America Reality Check hosted by the guy from Ugly Betty. I was very proud at the effort the judges of that show made in taking all the hairspray and rehearse World Peace laced speeches and throwing them in the dust.

The show really forced these girls to not just talk about it, but to be about more than just a bunch of pomp and circumstance. I used to watch Miss America (shout out to Vanessa Williams) with my mom but by the time I got older I hated the politics of it. I mean a bunch of over-sprayed blonde’s, bleach blond, and girls who would have had a chance had they been blond and from Rhode Island stand around in the most hideous horrible sequined hot messes that one could call a dress. Looking like a cross between a bridesmaid and a bride in hell after a episode of Krafts by Kayleen on community access.

I really was not a fan of Miss America.

I don’t even care about the prevailing thought that the pageant is sexist and objectifies women. If women didn’t wanna be objectified we wouldn’t get up and paint our faces and wear bras, and get plastic surgery, and generally hate on other women so we can feel better. So the fact that chicks are walking around in their swimsuits matters not to me so much as the fact that they looked like they had a stick *in their backs* (edited for content) while prancing around. That’s not sexy and as a young woman I found it very un-inspiring.

But in the reality show after stripping the shalack from their faces they taught the girls how to strut the catwalk to walk with confidence and personality that helped the actual competition alot. That one act alone made me sign up to watch it. I’m thinking yay people in swimsuits as opposed to mannequins.

The actual pageant was infinitely better this year but no black girls made it to the final round which I was expecting, and a blond won which I was also expecting, and the candidate intros sounded like something out the South Carolina Primary. But they came out in jeans like real women might.

The talent portion was very mediocre, especially Miss Michigan’s performance, but Ms. Indiana and Miss Washington did very well.

and most of their dresses (especially Miss Michigan’s) were equally as bad as years past with the exception of the girl in the red above Ms. Wisconsin (that dress was amazing), some of them couldn’t abandon the sparkles.

The competition has a long way to go, but the effort is certainly appreciated. And even though the winner was not remarkably different I really feel like I know a little bit about them and that helps. But Clinton Kelly’s Carbohydrate jokes had to go…


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