And then there’s Drake.


Friday February 8th, 2008 will marked the beginning of the second half of the 7th Degrassi Season.

I am ecstatic.

(Yes I am an actual adult I don’t just masqurade as one, I started watching it in 2004 and can’t put it down and Jay and Silent Bob’s Kevin Smith loves it so….

If anybody knows the original Degrassi Junior High, and Degrassi High this series is based from the life, school and friends of Original Character Spike’s now high school age daughter. There is lots of drama (shout out to Gossip Girl on the CW) but believable drama not like 90210, all actors are the actual age or very close to that of their character

(Americans please take note, that is perfectly acceptable instead of having 87 year olds in Huggies)….

They touch on alot of sensitive issues that kids face, I remember so I can vouch for that.

A few seasons ago one character amidst other teen stuff ended up choosing abortion as a her way of coping with unplanned pregnancy. It took America 5 or 6 months to actually air that episode because I guess it was too graphic or something I don’t know. But girls are actually getting knocked up as teens and some of them don’t know what to do so I don’t see what the big deal was (not vouching for abortion as a cure for teen pregnancy, but they handled the subject well)….

and these teens are not too ‘middle of the road-bleak is the future,-seize the day screw tomorrow’ angst filled.

I appreciate that.

They are a bit misguided but that is the beauty of youth… mistakes count for half. 

And then there is Drake…..

Jimmy Brooks, the character best known for being parlyzed by the school shooting that took place 3 or 4 seasons ago. When I first started watching I thought oh another token black kid (they did have one but it wasn’t him and the idea was quickly abandoned, thank God). Jimmy, not so much. He is also (in real, unparlyzed ,6′4″ *wink**wink* life) a rapper that goes by the name of Drake. My brother also a rapper turned me on to the music. I wasn’t expecting him to be so good. He’s really good. and not cheesy in the least.

So if you have  a chance check him out on myspace, or and of course on Degrassi.

Drake if you ever see this, let me say publicly swagger is sexy. thank you.

It is appreciated and duly noted.

(I’d put my address on here but I can’t, with that there’s always email)

(just saying)


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