Broccoli with my cheese.

I love Saved By The Bell, I mean I would watch new episodes faithfully and in syndication. In fact I was in the middle of a school bell power marathon before writing this.

We had a ‘very special’ episode when Jesse (the resident feminist) takes caffiene pills to stay up and cram for her Calculus Exam (back then you took drugs for good reasons not just to stay thin and fit). Of course they did the best with the sitcom format, and took the drama up a notch and this wasn’t the only article of scandal they had; I mean there was the time Zach kissed Jesse in the school play, and The time Zach dated Lisa much to everyone’s chargin and Screech and him got into a fist fight (I know pretty deep). 

Throughout the dances and un-supervised parties, even the days with Haley Mills as their teacher (she was the original Parent Trap), we grew up with them and the show wasn’t even made in Canada. Good ole American TV. Plus Mario Lopez as AC Slater was the finest thing on adolescent flavored TV and Zach was the first white boy I ever had a crush on! (next to Sean Connery but that’s grown folks business).

 Anyway here’s 2 minutes of California’s finest cheese….


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