Father Stephen’s post and my thoughts on it.

I ran across this post take a look at it. I found it interesting. 


I believe that God only doesn’t reflect love in those that don’t reflect it back. It’s not that God loves selectively, or the love is not there, but he won’t force you. I thought about what enemy meant, and how it related to love defined as charity. and also turning the other cheek, how you were giving that cheek not acquiescing  to defeat.

Loving your ’ememies’ is just as metaphoric in nature as the ‘Wrath’ of God. ‘Enemy’ being those that do not reflect God’s light, be they conventional sinners or those that don’t subscribe to the same belief system. So not enemy in the sense of those who would do you physical harm. But those that would do you spiritual harm, by literal means if you let them.

 Like people that piss you off regularly, or those that slander, or those that would talk negative, if you are shining your light then one day they may need you to pray for them, to give of your ‘time, talent, or treasure’ for them. To be spiritually aware when they are hurting.

We are more spirit than physical and Jesus was trying to get us to operate from that perspective. I thought about a person that I knew in high school and we are now friends but I didn’t like her very much ok I didn’t like her at all, so I avoided contact with her and never expected anything positive from her. In senior year our class learned alot about each other, and I learned that while I was having personal issues she was having just as many and by her own admittance this was the main reason why she was so ‘mean.’  

If I had been caught up in how much she annoyed me or whatever I never would have been able to see her for who she truly was for who God saw her as. God wanted me to give her my ear, my attention, it could have been a kidney but I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t gotten off my pedastal and opened my eyes. I would have never been able to connect with my ‘enemie’ someone who made me feel ideologically threatened. Not that she was a big bad wolf bully type…. we both have strong personalities and there can only be one king of the hill (so I thought then).

Did we go out and have a talk about the Be-Attitudes? Did we have tea and scones at church? No. But we as with others in the class, were able to take people where they were, and greet them with love as patience and charity.


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