Is anyone else as diametrically opposed to the phrase ‘LOL’ as I am.

Aside from this title I just refuse to type it. I can count on my hand the number of times I have used it. I would go so far as to say I hate it but I certainly don’t like it…. also I think people should spell words and not bastardize the written language. Written words can be so pretty. I think verbal language is more open for interpretation…. probably because I have a pretty pronounced (Black) Chicago accent…. and the way people speak should definitely reflect their differences (in a coherent way if possible). I do say LOL just to be sarcastic but I cannot use it regulary a apart of my internet jargon…….

the other day while IMing I typed RollingOnTheFloorLaughingMyFreakinHeadOff ….

I was IMing an aunt so I edited for my audience…. but I just had to get it out my system, and will never use it again.

So that’s a real question what do you think?


About genesiawilliams

I must apologize if this isn't exciting... though this may seem odd my decision to enter the blogging world, was less for an audience and more for me as an exercise in discipline, which i clearly lack if you see the frequency of the posts, but still it is weird because I am airing my thoughts on the biggest communication tool since the pony express, but if you like what you read feel free to comment and/or share... if not thank you for taking the time out of your life to check me out.... I'm pretty laid back, and I'm open for comments....

One response to “Is anyone else as diametrically opposed to the phrase ‘LOL’ as I am.

  1. i have since begun to use lol in its various forms.

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