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I just read and article, click here to see it, about the LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen cover of Vogue. LeBron James is the FIRST black man to be on it’s cover. Black firsts get me teary eyed everytime as do 2nds and Thirds they are not usually forthcoming so I have to celebrate. But the celebration has ended, as most do, in controversy. Cries that Bron-Bron looks like ‘King-Kong holding Fay Wray’ got me to thinking. Wow, He sort of does bear a certain resemblance to the ever famous archetypal monkey (who beared a decidedly not-odd resemblance to the racial temperature of the time—people still had/have ‘darkie’ yard ornaments). And like the question James Whitlock from Fox Sports on MSN asked, who should I be mad at, if mad at all.

We all know that the black man has a hard time in this world and often perpetuates knowingly of unknowingly the negative images that have shaped his projected fate in this country. Some of this is because the authors of the book of comteporary life don’t speak the same language as the character they are creating and have a tendency to over generalize and over dramatize the nuances of culture.   I can see all sides of the camera lens. Vogue taking the picture but not understanding the implications, LeBron thinking of the fame and notoreity, Gisele just standing there glowing from Bridget Monoyhan’s shine, and the consumer not really paying attention.  So how to feel about this cover?

2. hil-hil-and-obie.jpg

I’m sick of Hillary Clinton. Why does she get to LIE and say I’m sorry… “I was sleep deprived” then jump back on the hater wagon and it’s cool. CNN gunned (reamed) her though Lou Dobbs and company were not going to let her slide (get away with that).


3. Did you know that Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love In The Time Of Cholera is a major motion picture starring Benjamin Pratt and an amazing book. I wonder why no one knew about it’s staight to video release. (Think about it.)


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