Duel is a 1971 telemovie about a trucker harassing a motorist on a remote and lonely road. The telemovie was directed by Steven Spielberg, starred Dennis Weaver, and was written by Richard Matheson based on his own short story.

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Ok did anyone else see this movie. I saw it a few years ago with my dad. I was intrigued to see the master’s [insert Wayne’s World ‘we are not worthy’ here] first film endeavor. I was really impressed. The movie was scary. Not like Saw 30 or anything or even like Stephen Kings Needful Things. But I remember having goosebumps watching it. Because this man was at war with a machine (and when is that not slightly terrifying—”Sorry about your finger, Johnny said the woodshop teacher, but you should have not been trying to peep down Susie’s sweater.) But he was also at war with destiny, man’s propensity to destroy and be destroyed and also ‘the unknown.’

It may not have been that profound of a movie but life is what you make it.

Speilberg took the largest and generally cheesiest overdone overblown horror/suspense concepts and did it in an understated but fast paced way. I’ve not seen it done better since Final Destination. Parts of (FD) were campy but how do you beat death? How do you out run a truck with a driver that is sort of Ichabod Cranian.

(yes I make up words all the time)  


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